Hey lovely people.

I’m still around!

But the reason I haven’t been blogging is that… well… I haven’t been writing.  *gasp*

I just wanted to pop by with a little life update and let y’all know what I’m up to these days.  While I may not be noveling, I’m still working on other creative projects!  So if you’re interested in all the other things I’m up to, read on.

1. I have an Etsy shop!

simple border

Yep, I have an Etsy shop.  It’s not super big right now… you know, kinda still getting up and running.  But it’s exhilarating to make money off of my art, even if it’s just small pieces for spare change.  The thought of someone paying money to have something I made delivered to them is just… really, really cool.

What sort of things do I sell?

Fanart.  (Obviously.)  Also bookmarks and handlettering and little things like that.



There you go, art like that.  (If you want to check it out, it’s www.etsy.com/shop/FancifulByBeth – maybe you’ll like it.)

So that’s the Etsy shop.


2. I’m still making YouTube Videos!

My channel is Elizabeth Aman, and I make videos about books and poetry and art and college life.  Again, I don’t post a ton on that platform, but there are some videos up there that I’m super proud of.  Go give it a watch if you’re interested.


3. Sometimes I Pretend to be a Poet

And I’ll throw some words on a page and call it a poem.  Poems take a lot less brain power for me than novels do, so they’re much more doable for my crazy college life.  My dream is to someday publish (or self-pub) a poetry collection.  But that would be a looong way off, and I have no idea how to even begin that process.  So for now, I write and I enjoy the process.


So, Beth, you’ve disappeared from you blog.  Where else can I find you online?

Great question.  The answer is Twitter.  If you’ve got one and you want to follow me, I’m on twitter: @3lizabeth_A – and guess what I talk about on my twitter?? Books, art, college life, and sometimes writing!  (Though more poetry than writing, these days.)


For all of you out there who are still noveling and querying and publishing and writing and editing and drafting and plotting, I’m over here cheering you on!  I feel like I’ll probably come back and join you lovely, crazy folk at some point.  But for now, noveling doesn’t seem to be the best art form for my life as a college (university) student.  So for now, I’m investing elsewhere.  And I’m okay with that.

// PS – I’m not planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year.  (It breaks my heart to write that.)  It’s just too much time commitment.  And when I next decided to write/edit a novel, I want to do it right.  I want to put a lot into it.  And I just don’t have that much time/ energy in my current schedule.  So no NaNo for me this year.  *cries*

BUT.  I am doing another exciting creative challenge this fall.  You might be familiar with Inktober, which is a challenge to draw something every single day in October.  I’ve never done a drawing challenge before, and I’m really excited to try this one.  Follow me on twitter for updates and pictures! Love you all. //

Where Have I Been? (I’ve been doing a lot of cool things, okay?)

Hi friends.

I'm Still Alive

Well, hope that gif sufficiently assures you that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  Man, it’s good to be back.  I miss blogging when I (accidentally) take breaks from it.  I love this little community of writers and creatives, and I love getting to write out my thoughts on something, and have feedback and start a conversation.

So.  I’m back!

But Beth!  Where have you been?

Well.  I sorta took an (unintentional) hiatus from my writing.  *Gasp.*  A bunch of things happened which caused this:

  1. Spring semester of college started!  Woohoo!
  2. I have been quite busy and also slightly unmotivated.
  3. I have been working on other “creative things.”

Probably #3 is the biggest reason I’ve been MIA for a while.

So, hi, I’m Beth, and I have been doing other things besides writing.

For example, did you know that I have an Etsy shop?  Yep.  It’s quite small, and I’ve only sold a few things so far, but… still.  It’s pretty cool.  I make fan art and bookmarks and that sort of thing.  (Etsy.com/shop/fancifulbybeth if you wanna take a look lol.)

Or how about, did you know that I’ve been teaching myself guitar?  I’ve been playing for about 6 months, and I’m at the point now where I can have a mini jam session with friends, and actually play songs on guitar for people to sing along to.  Such a cool feeling.

Oh, and I may have started a YouTube channel?  Hehehehe.  I’m not super consistent in posting on it, but there are some bookish/ poetry/ writerly videos up there.  Here’s one that I’m super proud of, if your eyeballs are interested in watching.


While I really enjoyed an experimental challenge of trying to post a video each day in the month of February, I soon came to realize that I simply didn’t have enough time to do that once I started college again.  (A bit like attempting NaNoWriMo and realizing just how much time it takes to actually write 1700 words a day.)

Finally, I’ve also been writing more poetry.  I may share some more of it with y’all at some point, if that’s something you’re interested in.

What’s the point of this blog post?  Well, as I’ve stepped away from writing and into other creative things, I have come to two conclusions:

  1. I love learning new things.  But I sometimes fail to have the commitment or dedication to them to really make them work.  For example, it was so incredibly fun to teach myself to video edit.  To prove to myself that I could make YouTube videos, and make good ones.  To experiment with different effects, to learn faster methods, to make great video.  But.  I’m not feeling like I want to continue the YouTube channel as my main form of “Art-Making.”  Which leads me to my second conclusion.
  2.  When I’m not writing, I really, really miss it.  Not-Writing feels wrong.  I am a story-teller.  I am a writer.  I need to be writing.  My stories are bouncing around in my head, waiting to be written.  They are asking for attention.  They deserve to be told.  So, while I may experiment with other forms of art – be it drawing or poetry or making videos – I will always come back to writing.  It’s one of the hardest things to do, sometimes, but it’s also one of the most rewarding.  There’s nothing that quite matches the feeling of fingers on keyboard, breathing life into a story that didn’t exist before you wrote it.

I’m ready to get back to writing.  I’ve enjoyed toying around with other creative outlets, and I may continue to do so.  But I’m ready to be a writer again.

10 Oh I'm ready

On Fear, and Writing for Fun

Bit of a mini-post today.  I just got back from Scotland last week, and I’m leaving the country again tomorrow!  So I’m a bit short on time.  But here’s something that’s been on my mind for a while.

Sometimes, I approach writing with fear or trepidation or pressure or worry or just general negativity.  I found this video (see below) a while ago, and I felt it related really well to being a novelist.  So often, I sit down to write with a voice in my brain going you have to publish story this someday.  You MUST be ‘good enough’ and you MUST write well.  Come on, you’ve been a writer for three years now.  Do better.  Get your act together.  If you’re not good enough, it’s just a whole waste of time.

I found an answer to this problem in a video by Tessa Violet.  She’s a phenomenal YouTuber and singer as well.  In this video, she talks about songwriting, which is super cool – and I think it compares well to novel-writing.  She says this wonderful phrase about two minutes into the video:

“A great way to never write anything is to enter into creativity with fear.”


You don’t have to watch the video if you don’t want to.  But she makes an excellent point: fear is the opposite of creativity.

So how do we stop this?  For me, it’s reminding myself that writing is play.  It’s fun.  I have to remind myself that (for now), it’s my HOBBY.  It means taking the pressure off myself to be perfect.  It means reminding myself of the things I like about writing.

It means letting myself enjoy the process, instead of being so very focused on the end result.  It means writing for me, and only me.  For MY enjoyment.  If I share my work later, that’s great!  If I get published later, woohoo!  But my rough draft is only for my eyes, and for my enjoyment.  (Not that every day of writing will be fun, or that it’s all sunshine and butterflies.  But since I’m currently not getting paid to write, literally the only reason I write is because I enjoy it.)

So.  If you’re finding it hard to write right now, maybe take the pressure off for a bit.  Write for the sheer fun of it.  Let your creativity flow, and give yourself permission to have a good time.  You never know what might happen, and you might be surprised by how good your writing is.

P.S. If you’re interested in more YouTube videos about writing and art, I recommend these: John Green, Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Nathan Zed, You’re Not Good Enough.