Hey lovely people.

I’m still around!

But the reason I haven’t been blogging is that… well… I haven’t been writing.  *gasp*

I just wanted to pop by with a little life update and let y’all know what I’m up to these days.  While I may not be noveling, I’m still working on other creative projects!  So if you’re interested in all the other things I’m up to, read on.

1. I have an Etsy shop!

simple border

Yep, I have an Etsy shop.  It’s not super big right now… you know, kinda still getting up and running.  But it’s exhilarating to make money off of my art, even if it’s just small pieces for spare change.  The thought of someone paying money to have something I made delivered to them is just… really, really cool.

What sort of things do I sell?

Fanart.  (Obviously.)  Also bookmarks and handlettering and little things like that.



There you go, art like that.  (If you want to check it out, it’s www.etsy.com/shop/FancifulByBeth – maybe you’ll like it.)

So that’s the Etsy shop.


2. I’m still making YouTube Videos!

My channel is Elizabeth Aman, and I make videos about books and poetry and art and college life.  Again, I don’t post a ton on that platform, but there are some videos up there that I’m super proud of.  Go give it a watch if you’re interested.


3. Sometimes I Pretend to be a Poet

And I’ll throw some words on a page and call it a poem.  Poems take a lot less brain power for me than novels do, so they’re much more doable for my crazy college life.  My dream is to someday publish (or self-pub) a poetry collection.  But that would be a looong way off, and I have no idea how to even begin that process.  So for now, I write and I enjoy the process.


So, Beth, you’ve disappeared from you blog.  Where else can I find you online?

Great question.  The answer is Twitter.  If you’ve got one and you want to follow me, I’m on twitter: @3lizabeth_A – and guess what I talk about on my twitter?? Books, art, college life, and sometimes writing!  (Though more poetry than writing, these days.)


For all of you out there who are still noveling and querying and publishing and writing and editing and drafting and plotting, I’m over here cheering you on!  I feel like I’ll probably come back and join you lovely, crazy folk at some point.  But for now, noveling doesn’t seem to be the best art form for my life as a college (university) student.  So for now, I’m investing elsewhere.  And I’m okay with that.

// PS – I’m not planning on doing NaNoWriMo this year.  (It breaks my heart to write that.)  It’s just too much time commitment.  And when I next decided to write/edit a novel, I want to do it right.  I want to put a lot into it.  And I just don’t have that much time/ energy in my current schedule.  So no NaNo for me this year.  *cries*

BUT.  I am doing another exciting creative challenge this fall.  You might be familiar with Inktober, which is a challenge to draw something every single day in October.  I’ve never done a drawing challenge before, and I’m really excited to try this one.  Follow me on twitter for updates and pictures! Love you all. //

My Three Goals for Winter Break

Hello, lovely writers!  I just got home from college yesterday, and it’s so nice to not have HOMEWORK assignments or EXAMS or PAPERS.

Without further ado, I’d like to share with you my plans for my Winter Break.  That way, I have to actually stick to these plans, because I’ve told people about them!  Accountability, you know?

Okay, goals.

1. Edit every day.

I have a project that I really really want to work on.  It’s a YA Urban Fantasy featuring sassy characters, baby dragons, and a lovely platonic relationship.  It’s about two years old now, and it’s in the “slightly edited, but still needs a lot of work” phase.  So this Break, I’m planning to edit for 30 mins (or more) every day.

Because here’s something that NaNoWriMo taught me: writing projects work the best with consistent love.  So I’m pledging to write/edit 30 minutes every day that I am physically able to.  I want to finish this book.  I want this story to get out into the world.  I want to give it the time and love it deserves.  And I have the time to now, so I just have to make myself do it.


2. Blog More

The end of the semester was a bit crazy, and I didn’t have the time or energy to put into this lovely new blog I have here.  But no longer!  I  have free time, and I’ll be working on a novel every day, so I will have lots to say (hopefully).  I love blogging, and I really do feel like it helps keep me accountable to write more regularly.  So stick around, follow this blog, and you’ll probably hear from me once or twice a week.  YAY!


Good writers are good readers.  I have a TBR pile that’s a mile long, and I’ve been slacking on my reading lately (again, exams don’t give much time to read).  Like this one famous writer dude said, writers need to read.

time spent reading.jpg


// If I don’t see you all until the new year, I hope your holidays are full of joy and happiness. //