About me:  My name’s Beth. I’m a sophomore in college on the East Coast of the United States.  I grew up with two older brothers and a stack of books.  I’m a Jesus-follower and also an all-around nerd and book-lover.  Give me a rainy day, a hot beverage, and a good book, and I’m happy as can be.

I love horses, coffee, and Lord of the Rings marathons.  I also love that feeling after a long day of writing, when something that only existed in your head now has life on paper.

About my writing:  I’ve been a writer for about four years now, and I’ve written two full novels and two or three half-novels.  I’m in the process of editing an urban fantasy novel right now that hopefully will get published someday soon!

Sometimes I write poetry, too, but don’t ask me to write a short story – it won’t end well.

About this blog:  I want this website to be a place of community.  A place where writers young and old can feel like they’re not alone.  I post about all things writing-related, often linking to resources that I’ve found helpful to my writing journey.

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Twitter: @3lizabeth_A

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