A New Site (and a NaNoWriMo update)

Hello, writers old and new!  I’m so glad you’re here.  You may recognize me as Beth from my old website, ateenagelookonthewritingprocess.wordpress.com – this is my new domain!

I have three reasons for dragging you over to this website instead of using my old one:

1.  I’m not really a teenager anymore.

Okay, technically, I’m still a teenager.  But I’ve also been an adult for over a year, and I don’t really see myself as a teen anymore.  It seemed silly to keep calling myself a teen writer when I really am an adult adult.

only nineteen but my mind is older.gif

2. My old site was kinda long.  Like Really Long.

It’s a lot easier to tell people, “My Website is ‘A College Writer dot wordpress dot com’ than the entirety of my old blog’s url.  You know what I mean?

well 10

3.  I wanted a chance to redecorate.

You know.  I’ve been using the same blog for two and a half years.  I wanted a fresh start.  (You’ll notice, however, that some of my most recent posts have migrated over to this site.  It felt very empty with no old posts.)

you've redecorated gif.gif

So here we are.  In another two and a half years, when I graduate college, I suppose I’ll have to change blog name again.  But I think that I’ll be ready to redecorate again at that point anyways.


// some housekeeping notes //

  1. If you’re following my old blog, and would like to keep up with my blogging (which will now be over here), feel free to hit that “Follow” button.  Thanks!
  2. If you want, I’d love for you to drop by the guest book and introduce yourself!  Let’s have this website be a true community of writers, and get to know one another.


// finally, an update on NaNoWriMo! //

I’m really quite spectacularly behind.  To be specific, I’m 5,000 words behind.  Oops.  However, I’m having a blast writing this novel.  It’s gone in some exciting and unexpected directions, and I just hosted a write-in on Friday.  Hopefully I can have some 3,000-word writing days in this coming week to help me catch up.  It’s exciting and time-consuming and thrilling.

Also, the first year I did NaNo, I threw literally any words on the page.  But this year, I’m trying to actually follow a plot.  So the writing is going a little slower this year.  That’s okay though, I’m really happy with what I’m writing, and I’m okay with a little bit of quality over quantity at this point in my writing journey.

Thanks for checking out the new blog!  I’ll be back later this week with more thoughts on rough drafts and characters and writing and all of those wonderful things.  Until then, happy writing!

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